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Hi Everyone..

Nate here from Houston. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. Took delivery of our Dark Granite 2015i Escalade ESV this past week. It is our first ever Cadillac and so far it is fantastic. Came from a MB GL450 as we simply needed a proper seven seater suv and one that had some decent storage room with the third row up. With two small kidos and two huge car seats, the captain chairs were a must! This was the only vehicle that fit the bill and had most things we were looking for.

Seems like this is a very nice forum and people. Glad to be a part!

Some pics I have taken today. Will post more in a few days.


ESV4 by A6-EHJ, on Flickr

ESV1 by A6-EHJ, on Flickr

ESV5 by A6-EHJ, on Flickr

ESV3 by A6-EHJ, on Flickr

ESV6 by A6-EHJ, on Flickr

ESV2 by A6-EHJ, on Flickr

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Tis a beautiful beast!!! I too came from the MB GL450..... Congrats and here's hoping for a trouble free ride!! Quick hint..... get up there and look at that antenna ...if you see a notch in the base seal at the back just as the roof slopes down, go buy some clear silicone sealant at Home Depot , Lowes, or someplace and fill that!!!

I really am enjoying mine....did not need the extra room of the ESV, so didn't have to go that route.

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Congrats and best of luck with it!! I have a 2015 Luxury ESV with over 11k miles so far. Only issue was a software glitch with the 4wd. Have a second row bench in shale with the Dark Granite exterior. Neede the space and nothing come close to an ESV!

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Congratulations and Welcome.

Don't be discouraged by all the negative posts.
Most people who have problems Post.
Many more of us who do not have any problems (so far) do not generally post.

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One of the things that has me concerned is that some of us have had great glass smooth rides for a few weeks or a few months and then things start up.
I have seen that a few times here on the forum.
So even with a beautiful test ride and a period of just being amazed by our fantastic machines, the defects start to creep in.

I have found a few glitches that are simply resolved by shutting the beast down and restarting.

The use of the surround cameras like almost any camera do not work well at night.
Cameras need light. so the front camera seem mostly OK.
The back camera with lower white light is more poor.
The side cameras are in need of light.
Now the escalade has lights.
The puddle lights need to be activated when the surround cameras are on and it is dark.
The rear backup lights do come on when backing up but they need larger LED bulbs.

When pulling into a parking space, the front camera will only activate when you are within 12" of an object.
That is Way too close for me when viewing the objects from the drivers seat of this huge machine.
what I typically do when trying to park in my very tight concrete under-building parking spot is
I stop, shift to reverse and
Then sift to drive.
This activates the front and surround cameras.

two things I would like
1. The ability to activate lights for rear and side cameras on a timer so they automatically go off in a few minutes.
2. The ability to turn on the front camera and surround camera whenever I choose.
like when driving narrow lanes or narrow roads that do not have lines.
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