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Well I did have the borla exhaust but it resonated very badly in the cabin so I switched to the Corsa which is 100 times better and sounds great...I installed a high flow cat. granatelli MAF but took the piece of junk off as it does nothing!!! It is nothing more than a stock unit widdled out ...Very poorly done, thats why I say widdle because thats how they done it ...could of atleast bored it with a machine. Gained no noticable horsepower at the track anyway. Slowed my car down as a matter of fact. If something is good I will tell you, If it is bad I will tell you that to.
other typical things like the K&N filter...Cut the baffle thing off at the bottom for the breather ( sorry not familiar with all the exact words for the parts) My best run was a 14.7 through the quarter mile. The biggest thing I noticed more power increase in was when I replaced the cat and noticed that the Y pipe that connects between the cat and exhaust manifold had two inserts in it that reduced its size considerably so I cut the thing apart and removed those restricters BIG difference! Louder too...Also to note is where the Y pipe is connected to make the Y joint was inserted and then mig welded with the darn thing inserted into the exhaust path atleast 30 percent of the way...I couldnt figure out how to remove it so I just pulled out the tungsten in my tig torch and turned it up high and burned it out smooth....Yea baby that did the trick and then tig welded it all back together...Very responsive now!!!When you punch it the car moves fast but it seems like it lags off when I hit high gear...May be normal or may need more fuel ...Too bad we cant adjust these things..I could drill a hole a mount an injector before the MAF and spray it manually at high speed runs to see....( I did that to another car I owned and it did nothing but slow it down) so I dont think I will do it here unless someone is really interested then I'll do it) Probably just not enough HP. , for me anyway...
Upgraded the stereo with a phoenix gold ti600 amp and 3 JL audio 10w3d6 speakers in a custom encloser....Didnt really hit hard enough for me so I called the JL engineers who informed me to reduce the encloser space by what I dont remember but I did and it hits like I want now...Oh I got the PG bass cube thing to adjust how much I want from the dash...I also added the woodgrain to the radio and HVAC controls, an exact match to the rest of the wood grain...
I purchased the new 17 " rims I bought off a guy for 1100 dollars with new tires! What a deal but wanted a widder tire so I have the Bridgestone 255/50/17" tires now that DO NOT rub on the car.
The car is the crimson red with sunroof...
I put my down payment in on the supercharger from Guy Hill cadillac...Anxiously awaiting on that thing....

Mopars I am interested in and own? I love the Dodge Magnum!!! I have a 79 GT Magnum with t-tops console shift and 360 hipo motor all factory...and a 78 Magnum xe with 400 big block all stock Now anyways :) . I dont have any more money too keep going :confused: Also I own a 84 dodge pickup....My beater...Runs good though and everyone borrows it ....Gotta have a truck around!
Thats about it.....
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