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I've been chasing down an issue with my drivers side heated seat and need some suggestions. This has been an issue since I bought the car (in the summer so of course I didn't think to check).

Passenger heat works fine, but the drivers side doesn't warm at all. I've checked every fuse you can think of, including the two mystery fuses under the passenger seat (which I think are for the heated seats and go to the seat heater control module, also under the passenger seat). All are good.

My next guess was that the seat was replaced (due to an accident on the carFAX when the car was new in 2015 - clean title and all damage was repaired) with a non-heated seat, but I pulled the seat out tonight and it is heated. I also bought another replacement seat which was hard to find for the coupe and this seat does not work either so it is unlikely that it's an issue with the heating elements.

The odd thing is that every other issue with Caddy heated seats I've seen the button lights up and turns off after ~30 seconds when the seats don't work. Mine lights up and stays on, even when the seat is fully disconnected and removed from the car. The next thing I'm thinking about trying is replacing the climate control panel on the CUE system in case the button itself is the issue, but I'd like to hear from some other people before I spend anymore money. That being said I also now have an extra black coupe seat that I'd be willing to sell... otherwise I'll turn it into an office chair :)
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