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Heated seat help

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I have a 2005 ESV. The driver heated seated starting shutting off after a few secs. I was really busy at work so i decided to take it to the dealer. When I dropped the truck off at the dealer the switch on the door would light up and the seat would start to get hot then turn off. This was usually less then a minute. After having the truck all day they told me that they didnt know what was wrong and wanted to keep it over night so I left it there. The next morning they called and said that it was either the heating element in the seat or the BCM and wanted over a grand to fix. I thought that was way too high and told them not to do anything. I picked the truck up in the afternoon and the door switch would no longer turn on. I called my service writer as I was driving down the road and asked them what happen. He told me that the BCM probably quick working after all of the "testing" they did. His answer did not sit well with me but at that point there wasnt much else I could do. I bought a OEM BCM and heater elements for less then $300 and installed them. The switch will still no light up and the seat does not get warm. I then bought a new door switch thinking that they must have blown that. Still no lights or heat. I took it back to the dealer today and they said that it is the switch that there is power to the switch. They wanted over $300 to fix, again i thought that one that was too much for a 10 min job, but i had already replaced the switch once and it didnt solve the problem. So my first question is there something that I am missing? Does anyone have electrical prints/drawings? Does the modul/switch that the heater seat control plugs into which is also the window/door lock cluster have anything to do with the control of the heater? Also, i should state that everything else on both switches works ie. door lock/unlock, windows, seat memory and so on.

On a side note the heater elements that i replaced in the seat were burnt soo bad that I am surprised that the seat didnt catch on fire. I had to also repalce the padding under the leather because it was burnt all the way to the leather... I not sure how to post pics but i am going to try. I was really shocked when I seen it.

Thanks in advance for any and all help provide.
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I had same issue a few years ago. Tech replaced door module 15883319 which fixed the problem
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