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Heat out my vents?!

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Stupid question...but I wouldn't be posting it if I didn't need to help.

I cannot seem to find any button on my beautiful dash that I can press to make heat come out of the front vents?!
I usually just direct the heat to my windshield, but I'm starting to think they just may not work.
What the heck is economy mode for anyways?? All I know is it saves fuel, but what's the difference?

Thanks in advance brothers
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There isn't any way to manually select where the air is directed. Heat goes to the floor, cooling air to the face level vents. If you want the heated air on the windshield, select defrost.

Econ is just the A/C off button. The A/C is on all the time by default. You can't select Econ when the front defroster is being used.
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