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Heat/AC Fan quit working.. have question...

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My Heat/AC blower fan quit working on my 01 STS. My husband took it out and tested it with direct current and it works. He is thinking it is the blower resistor that is bad. Has anyone had this problem before? If so, was it the resistor or something else? Thanks in advance.
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I believe the resistor and connector are the same thing. I have one on order from the dealer. Can anyone please tell me where it is located??? That would really help. Thanks.
I don't think that part will work on my car. AC Delco does not have it listed for an 01 STS. Thanks anyway. The following link is a picture of the part my husband is looking for:

It is made by Standard and the part number is RU45

The dealer ordered an AC Delco part, but I don't know what the part number is. Hopefully it will be the same part.
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