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Heads Cam Intake Throttle Body Install Writeup

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This Heads / Cam / Intake / Throttle Body install writeup is for an LS6 CTS-V 2004 & 2005. LS2 CTS-V’s will be similar and most of this can be used, but some of the part numbers might change. Also, GM part numbers get superseded often, so some of the part numbers will change over time. I’m writing this Sept of 2012.

In the middle of my install my phone decided to be a bitch and quit working, so I lost some of the pics towards the end, but luckily I had downloaded the bulk of them before it decided to die. Anyways…..

Tools you’ll need:

Sockets: 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 15mm, 18mm, 19mm
24mm socket (Balancer Bolt)
Wrenches: same as above. Gear wrenches help a lot
5/8” Deep Well Spark Plug Socket
Breaker Bar
Torque Wrench (Ft. Lbs)
Torque Wrench (Inch Lbs)
Screwdrivers (Flathead and Phillips)
3 Jaw Pulley (3 Ton)
8mm Allen Wrench/Socket
5 gallon Bucket to catch Coolant
If you use ARP head studs 1/2” Deep 12pt Socket, 3/8” Deep 12pt Socket
3/8” white plastic fuel line removal tool


Heads of Choice (I used AFR 215 massaged by Tony Mamo)
Cam of Choice (I used Comp Cam 227/231 114LSA)
FAST 102 Intake (I used one massaged by Tony Mamo)
TB of Choice (I used Nick Williams 102mm)
LS2 Timing Chain (I used Rollmaster #CS1180)
Pushrods (I used Manton)
Lifters (I used LS7’s)
Melling Oil Pump #10296 w/ optional spring
Yella Terra 6645 LS 1.7 Rockers
Fastenal Bolt (for balancer install) #40768 (M16 -2.0 pitch x 120mm long)
Spark Plug I used good ‘ol AC Delco #
Casper LS6 to LS2 wiring harness adapter
7 quarts 5-30 Mobil 1 / Oil Filter


ARP LS6 Head Stud Kit # 234-4317
Or New OEM stock head bolts #
Head Gaskets # 12498544
Or Aftermarket Head Gaskets of choice (I used Cometic 4.160 Bore .040)
Timing Cover Gasket # 12633904
Front Engine Seal # 12585673
Valve Cover Gaskets # 12560696
Or I used Yella Terra taller valve cover gaskets #YT5132
Balancer Bolt # 12557752
Intake Manifold Gaskets (8)# 12533587
Oil Pump Oring # 12557752 (if you don’t use Melling oil pump / it comes with oring)
Water Pump Gaskets #
Exhaust Manifold Gaskets # (I’ve always used GM gaskets since day one, and never had any problems with them sealing)

Misc Needed:

Blue Loctite
Brakleen (3 cans)
RTV Gasket Maker (black)
(2) Gallons of Dexcool Coolant
Anti-Seize Lubricant


Oil Catch Can (I used Elite Engineering)
(2) New Header to catback gaskets
(2) Knock Sensors # (I didn’t replace mine)
(2) AC Condenser Orings # 25740416 (if you remove condenser)
(12) Header/ Exhaust Manifold Bolts #
LS2 Fuel Rail
Lower Temp T-Stat (I used 160 degree)

Here’s a pic of the Comp Cam, Nick Willaims Throttle Body, Yella Terra Rockers, Rollmaster LS2 Timing Chain, Bosch 36 lb. Injectors, Casper LS6 to LS2 wiring harness adapter….and some Simple Green 

Cathedral Ports (all ported and machined)

AFR Heads:

Yella Terra Rockers:
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Awesome write up! Thanks for taking the time to provide such a detailed how-to. Glad to hear that things went well for you.

FYI - Post #11/#12 appear to be duplicate posts(?)
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