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Headlights don't work

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The headlights in my 2000 Escalade went out the other day. They work on daytime & high...just not at night. I took it in to the dealer (50K warranty just ran out) and they want $1700 to fix the "dimmer switch H harness" and the "actuators" on the alarm system that they say is also bad. I think replacing the alarm system makes more sense than spending $800 to fix it, so I don't really want to fix that...but I will replace the "actuators" myself. I found the dimmer switch for sale at rockauto for $36 and locally for $44, so I bought it this afternoon and will pick-up tomorrow. It was easy enough to remove the switch...the molding popped out easy enough so that I could remove the switch module from the connector. Before I pop down $900 to fix this problem at the shop, I figured I would just try to replace the switch. If I also have to replace the harness, I'll shop around to see if someone will do it cheaper. I hate getting ripped off. I have 2 other cars so it's not like I need to fix this problem ASAP. Does anyone think $900 is a rip-off or is that just the way the ball bounces when you go to a dealership. I'll let you know tomorrow if that $44 part fixed the problem. If so, that dealership should be brought up on I doubt it's just the switch. If anyone knows someone who can fix this cheaper than $900 is say Cali, (we go there all the time), also let me know. TIA
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It sound like a ripoff at that price, but I would have to know what parts they are replacing to say that for sure. :(
I replaced the healight dimmer switch for around $50. The dealershiip diagnosis said that the "dimmer switch H harness" had a problem. I'll probably go ahead and pay the $800 to have those wires replaced if i can't find someone else to do it cheaper. I've never had any modifications done to the truck except 24's my wife hated and I'm going to sell when I get around to it. I should have gotten another warranty. It wasn't even 3 months past the time the original 50K or 5 yr one ran out before these problems popped up. Oh well, stink happens.
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