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Headlight Out???

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The passenger side headlamp is out on My 2014 XTS. The daytime running lights when out first and now the actual headlamp is done as well. The parking lights still works though. Does the headlamp bulb ignite the daytime light strip also or does it sound like I need the entire headlight assembly? Hoping it’s just a bulb. Has anyone experienced this that can provide any tips? Thanks in advance for any and all replies!!!
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Was your complete headlight out? (Circular headlight/daytime running light strip). Or just the actual circular headlight bulb? The dealership hasn’t checked it yet but they’re quoting $299 for a bulb, $1300 for a headlight assembly! I guess I’m trying to figure out if the bulb ignites the actual headlamp and daytime running lights....
Very true, great vids on YouTube! Does that singular bulb they show ignite the headlamp and strip of daytime running lights beside the actual headlamp? I’ve watched the vids, but you never see them turn the lights on. My dealer is telling me if the daytime lights are out (the strip of lights) and the circular headlamp, I’ll need to change the entire assembly.
I was hoping to change the bulb and/or ballast to resolve it. The dealership of course was suggesting an assembly replacement for $1300, without even checking the car.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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