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Headlight Out???

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The passenger side headlamp is out on My 2014 XTS. The daytime running lights when out first and now the actual headlamp is done as well. The parking lights still works though. Does the headlamp bulb ignite the daytime light strip also or does it sound like I need the entire headlight assembly? Hoping it’s just a bulb. Has anyone experienced this that can provide any tips? Thanks in advance for any and all replies!!!
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The headlights and DRLs are separate circuits - the headlights do not light up the DRLs. (The DRLs can be on during the day with the headlights off.)

The DRLs illuminate continuously during the following conditions:
  • The ignition is in the RUN or CRANK position
  • The shift lever is out of the PARK position for vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions or the parking brake is released for vehicles with manual transmissions
  • The Low and High-beam headlamps are OFF
If both are dead, the entire headlamp assembly is suspect after the voltage supply to the assembly is verified. Your dealer can check the ballast status with their diagnostic tools.

Typically, a failing headlight may change color, turn on and off as the ballast keeps re-striking, or just fail outright.

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