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Headlight Issue

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I hit a deer in my 04 CTS, and broke a head light housing. The lights went out I replaced bulbs and nothing. I order a new housing and these have regular Halogen bulbs. my headlights still won't work. I checked fuses and found nothing. What are the items that can cause this that I maybe missing?
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There’s a little misinformation here.

What were your original headlights, HID or halogen? And you said when you checked the fuses, you said “nothing”. What does that mean? You couldn’t find the fuses for the headlights or they were fine?

There are two fuses, one of each side. And then there is a relay as well. I believe all 3 components are inside the fuse box under the hood. And I believe the horn’s relay is the same style. So make sure the horn works first. If it does, swap the two relays. Do the lights now work and the horn not? Replace the relay if that’s the case. Or if they both work now, then leave it alone.

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