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Headlight Issue

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I hit a deer in my 04 CTS, and broke a head light housing. The lights went out I replaced bulbs and nothing. I order a new housing and these have regular Halogen bulbs. my headlights still won't work. I checked fuses and found nothing. What are the items that can cause this that I maybe missing?
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Sorry for the confusion, the fuses read 0.02 across so they are not the issue. The relay isn't the same as the horn unfortunately. The originals were HID.
I now have one light working on my driver's side. The right one only has running lights. No low or high beams.
Checked all right fuses and nothing is bad swapped them with spares just to be safe. I swapped the fog relay with the high beam relay which afterwards I got the drivers light back.
Found the issue. It was the mate n lock plugs. Kept pushing the pins into the housing. Wound up having to wire nut the wires together. Found schematics on
1 - 6 of 7 Posts
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