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headlight bulb replacement

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been thinking about changing the bulbs what a brighter bulb but its looks like a real pain in the you know what is there an easy way to change the bulbs or some special tool to use to get in that tight space.
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Not sure about the 02, but on my 01 STS it's not too hard to get at any of the bulbs. Pop hood, remove the plastic cover, and there's a bracket on top of the headlamp assembly with two bolts to remove. Then you pull the assembly forward(may take a little force). From there you just twist each of the bulbs out of there place. The xenon one may be held in by a screw or two, can't remember. Just had to replace a balast last week and even that wasn't too bad.
Make sure you pull the assembly straight forward...there is a locating pin that will break off with any sideways movement.
Yes, be sure to pull forward only. Some joker already broke my driver side pin. Although the bolts hold it in place fairly well still, it's one of those things that just knowing it's there bothers ya.
let your girlfriend or wife do it. Thats what i do in my 1994 Seville xD
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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