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Greetings, Everyone! Well, I've finally gotten my STS4 back on the road from an accident involving Canadian geese.... and a neighbor's mailbox.

The body shop says they're finished the work, but just need to get the "correct" headlight for the passenger side (the side that was wrecked). When working the dimmer switch... it does nothing. NOTHING. The driver's side is normal. The bottom (bright) light just runs constantly. In the picture, you see that the regular low-beam setting is correct on the driver's side, and the passenger side is just constant.

Question. Would only the wrong bulb be the problem? Or do you think it's a wiring issue. The shop said that it was the wrong headlight. I'm not understanding this. It fits the car. They have the year make and model. WHY would it be the WRONG headlight?

Any thoughts?


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Wiring issue, regardless, the shop needs to take it back in if that problem didn't exist before they "fixed it".
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