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Headlamps suggested in DIC?

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I had a brake light bulb out the other day and just swapped it out with the directional bulb, it worked. Then today I got headlamps suggested in the instrument panel. I was going to replace the brake and directional bulbs today and was wondering if that was why the panel lit up, or is it for the headlights? How easy is it to replace the headlights? Should I replace all the bulbs? 2001 SLS with 62k miles, thanks
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The light sensor on your dashboard sends a signal to the PCM regarding how much ambient light ("sunlight") there is outside. When the PCM decides there's not enough light, it'll turn on your headlights automatically -- IF you have the twilight sentinel on (near your headlight switch). If you have this twilight sentinel turned off, which effectively overrides the PCM's decision, it'll flash a message suggesting that you turn your headlights on, if it's dark enough outside.

It should have nothing to do with the bulb swap you made. Don't replace the headlights -- turn the headlight switch on to make sure they both work. Slide the twilight sentinel slider over to the right a little bit to enable that device -- and then check to see if you ever get the HEADLAMPS SUGGESTED message (you shouldn't).

EDIT: if you are getting the HEADLAMPS SUGGESTED message while in broad daylight, it means that you probably need to replace the light sensor on the dashboard (up in the defrost vent).
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Also, if your wiper stalk is in the up (rainsense) position, the headlights stay on.
If you turn the twilight sentinal switch off while in the rainsense position,
you will get the "headlight suggested" message.
thanks for the info and you were correct. I had the twilight sensor off and didn't realize it. Thanks again!!
Is this information for 98-up models?
Is this information for 98-up models?
No. My '97 was the same way. If twilight sentinel was off (as it always is in my car), and it got dark (or, every morning when I started the car in the garage and backed out), it would say HEADLAMPS SUGGESTED whenever I would put it in a drive gear (forward or reverse).

The message is not displayed (and the DRLs remain off) when the vehicle is in Park.
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