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headlamp washer malfunction (was XM)

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Update on the headlamp washers that constantly squirt when the lights are on. St. Claire had the car all day and at 5:45 Tony calls to tell me the car is still apart and they are still trying to find the problem.

Hasn't this problem happened to some others on the list? What was the culprit? It would be good to know more in case they spend all of Monday scratching their heads as well.....

They gave me a Suburban to take home for the weekend. Seems like a fair trade, no? I will be driving one of the other cars until it is fixed!! Now I am glad I haven't sold the 330i yet. Maybe I should just keep it as a back up....


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I have only heard of this happening to one other person... I never found out what fixed it...

Let us know though, so we can help anyone else with a similar problem.

I will do some research this weekend for you.

Mine's been in since Tues this week (unfortunately not for the same problem you have), it was in last Monday too. I was 2 days early for my appt. so I said no rental until after you promised to have it for me (Fri). I called today to check in on it in the AM, they didn't know if it would be done today, no follow up call, no rental, no nothing.

I'm a bit annoyed.

There is even more to the story, that I will tell in a later thread.
My headlight washers freaked out the day I picked up my V and the whole dealership was running around like a bunch of tweaked monkeys...
It eventually stopped and happened agin a few days later. Now I leave my lights on AUTO and it doesn't happen.
I'm not looking to duplicate the issue so I'll just leave it be.
Your issue is they stay on all the time right?

Idea 1: Replace the HDLP Wash relay mini in the underhood fuse block.. This has the headlamp washer timer logic built into it.. It could be faulty thereby allowing it to stay on and not shut off.. This schematic is attached...

Another idea:
Have your dealer check circuit 1536 from the DIM (dash integration module)...
That circuit is the windshiled wiper on switch... If indeed the headlamp washers are always on, this could be grounded..
If they can't fix it, they may need to replace the entire DIM.

Let me know if I can help anymore... And PLEASE tell us the result so we can help anybody else who comes along with this problem.



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I guess I am happy I got a rental!! Not that I really need a rental since I have 2 other vehicles to drive right now, but it makes the hand-off process easier to deal with.

Mine sprays constantly when the lights were on, regardless of auto vs. manual turn-on method. Ran the washer fluid dry, thank goodness - felt like a dork driving around with water spraying all over the front of the car. Happened ~2 weeks after picking up the car, which now has 600 miles on it (half of which I put on). Probably after they fix it I will pull the fuse since I don't need or want that feature *ever* anyway, but want it fixed since it could run into other electrical problems down the road. I found it strange that the fuse was a big 30a unit, thanks for the schematic - I will take a look and see if it makes sense why that is and see if that will impact anything else if I do pull the fuse.

I'll post this a third time and perhaps someone will take it seriously this time. :D Perhaps Reed can also place it in the FAQ section. I had the same problem. My dealer took apart the front of the car (had it three days). Finally determined that there was a short to power in the fuse panel circuit for the headlamp washer relay. They replaced the bussed fuse block and it works fine now.
Had a similar problem with mine. After hitting the squirters the headlight washers would not turn off. I turned off the ignition, got out of the car and locked the doors, but they kept squirting. I was on my way to work so I just let it go until they ran out of water and the pump burned up (puff of smoke from under front of car). I took it to the dealer and they did not believe me that the car even had squirters. I had to show the mechanic how they operated. They replaced the pump and the relay (big tall one). No problems since. It appears that the relay would be the problem.
Cram, I will post that thanks.... I thought someone had that problem recently.

I thought it might have somethng to do with the relay.

I kinda doubt it is the relay on my car. The service tech said they have the car "all torn apart" and are still searching for the problem. Comforting image..... :bonkers: Seems the relay is the first thing they would have tried. Maybe the fuse box itself is shorted like mentioned above. I should learn more on Monday. The biggest question I have is should I drive the rental Suburban hoping the car will get fixed on Monday, or the 330i assuming it won't?


The dealer was not able to reproduce.... Yeah-right, it was doing it non-stop when I had the car over a span of a few weeks, never intermittently either.... But since there has been several cars found with a bad relay that causes the washers to constantly operate, they are replacing the relay. It is due in tomorrow so I should have the car back tomorrow evening.

Well, the dealer had my car for 1 week, but I got it back today and the washers seem to be fixed - at least the couple times I turned the lights on I got no spray. They replaced the relay. They ordered it on Monday and kept thinking it would be there the next day so I ended up losing the entire week. Oh well. Great to have the car back and drive it today!! Made me appreciate it even that much more!!

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