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Headlamp types

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I have a low beam in my '06 so eventually I'll be dealing with it. I keep reading various re-lamping threads where folks are mentioning LED & HID lamps. Are these owner-installed options or are their different builds? I assumed they were H19 or similar, but since you really can't see anything until ya remove the bumper cover...
The high & low beams both have lenses similar to half a clear billiard ball, would that be the same regardless of lamp type? I figure I 'll just change all four headlamps plus the little clear running lamps since I have no idea how long anything's been in the car and I can't see doing this more than once. At 135k miles, I'll assume the new rpl. lamps will outlast the car anyway. Thanks!
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You cannot distinguish between LED, HID, or Halogen from the outside front of the housing (what is now inside). You can distinguish which type was ORIGINALLY in the housing by markings on the outside of the clear plastic.
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