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Head Gaskets?

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Hi all. New member. I have been doing searches and reading a lot on the site for a couple of days. Tons of great info here! I picked up a very nice 99 Seville with only 46,000 miles that I want to be my daily driver. I drove it around before buying and everything seemed fine. On the highway home the dash said check engine coolant and the temp gauge started rising past the middle mark and kept creeping up. I stopped and added water and it took almost two gallons to top it off. The gauge went back to normal and everything seemed fine until about half a mile from home. BOOM. It actually split the plastic tank of the radiator. After searching here I have come to the realization that I may have a head gasket problem. What do you folks think?

If indeed I do have a HG problem, would it be worth my time to pull the heads, Install the studs and new gaskets without surfacing the head and block? Or maybe resurface just the head? I am trying to do this without removing the engine from the car.

Also, I seem to have an oil leak on the drivers side. Is there a gasket or seal in this area that is prone to leaking?

Thanks for your help.
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Thanks for the replies. As I was replacing the radiator this morning and checking out the clearances, especially on the rear cyl. bank as stated above, I made the decision to go ahead with the plan to remove the drivetrain to make the job easier. About 5 or 10 minutes later, a guy pulls in the driveway and wants to talk about the car. After telling him all about the problems and needed repairs, he makes me an offer above what I have in the car. As much as I wanted this car for a daily driver, I sold it. It was a really nice car. Straight body, real nice interior, one of the nicest cars I have ever owned. I feel good about the sale as well. I made a little money and the buyer knows about the problems. I didn't hide anything just to make a sale.
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