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Head Gaskets?

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Hi all. New member. I have been doing searches and reading a lot on the site for a couple of days. Tons of great info here! I picked up a very nice 99 Seville with only 46,000 miles that I want to be my daily driver. I drove it around before buying and everything seemed fine. On the highway home the dash said check engine coolant and the temp gauge started rising past the middle mark and kept creeping up. I stopped and added water and it took almost two gallons to top it off. The gauge went back to normal and everything seemed fine until about half a mile from home. BOOM. It actually split the plastic tank of the radiator. After searching here I have come to the realization that I may have a head gasket problem. What do you folks think?

If indeed I do have a HG problem, would it be worth my time to pull the heads, Install the studs and new gaskets without surfacing the head and block? Or maybe resurface just the head? I am trying to do this without removing the engine from the car.

Also, I seem to have an oil leak on the drivers side. Is there a gasket or seal in this area that is prone to leaking?

Thanks for your help.
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You need to study the several sticky posts concerning your problem - on the main Engines; Northstar threads page. Diagnose the apparent cooling problem(s) before hanging your hat on the head gasket(s) thing. Learn about "purge line".

BUT, it sounds like you bought a big problem. If you need to install studs the job is, for all practical purposes, impossible with the engine in the car. Too much interference, machining, block sealing (masking from aluminum chips), access problems. You will not need to resurface anything, and DO NOT use any form of ScotchBrite within 300 feet of the engine. Just clean the surfaces well with gasket remover and lacquer thinner. You'll NEED a real GM service manual set - either eBay, or - just too many special procedures and reassembly tricks to wing it - for instance: Torque the crank pulley bolt wrong and you have no oil pressure.

Study the stickys as well as Tech Tips. You can DIY with mechanical expertise, lots of time and tools, lifts and a decent shop. A local Mom&Pop shop could do the stud job with a stud kit in about 4 days - lots of labor - and about $2500 +/-. You can also insert the block.
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........... except, in this case, find a younger woman - from 2002,3,4.

SLS - 2002, 3, 4.
STS - 2002, 3. (there are a few "2004" Canadian STS around.)

Last Seville was built in 12/03 - the "model years" ran from about July to June, so a "2002" Seville could have been built from 07/01 to 06/02. Driver's door sticker.
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