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Sounds like I grew up the same as KC and Katshot, but I never did get into the street bikes. I always wanted a Harley, but settled for farming instead. I had an XR600R thumper a few years ago, but it was too damn heavy to throw around in the woods of East Tennessee. It would have been a great desert bike, but there is not one within 2,000 miles of here. Maybe one day I can pick up one of those low mileage 02 or 03's that you have KC. Til then I'll be puttin round on my International Tractor and my "56" Chevy 6400 hay hauler. The Cadillac is my stress buster when I want to ride in something that has some giddy-up W/O any cow sh*t on the floor mats.

The luxury cars mentioned before are all nice, but I'll take a Caddy anyday over that Euro trash.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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