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Jay, you went to Marist in upstate NY? if so, that is about 25min from me.....

How did I get Panther?

Well, see on EVERY internet message board, or infact, ANYTHING that requires me to use a user name, I always use Night Wolf, why? I love wolves, and Night Wolf sounds cool (when ever we make a clib, the culb is Wolf Pack, and I am Night Wolf) Anyway, one night when I first found this site, I signed up..... but for some reason the software never sent me an e-mail with my password so IO can go on....keep in mind I signed up using Night Wolf...... so I tried it again, but this time using Panther, and it worked, I got a e-mail with my password. So I then went on and started posting a few things, the next day, I got an e-mail saying Night Wolf worked.....but IO already posted a few things under Panther, so I figured, it is not worth changing, as everyone here knows me by Panther and stuff. This is the only site I ever used something besides Night Wolf, at first it was strange, as I was always used to being called NW or Night Wolf or something, and when people started saying Panther..... I wasn't used to it, but it is too late to change it now....although if you look in the member database, I am sure you will find a Night Wolf, that's me :)

About Panther.... I dunno, I like Panthers (all animals in the cat family) the snowmobile at my fathers is a '73 Arctic Cat Panther 303 (Wankel rotary, that thing rips) and I think it just sounds cool.

I named my portable cd player Panther also (it's a iRiver iMP-400, and you can name it, and it displays the name at startup)

right now we have 3 cats, and a is a Grey Hound, her name is Raven

when we get back form our 1 week mini-vacation at a state park (BORING) we are picking up a Siberian Husky....that will be my dog, her name is Rio, and she is an older dog....13years old. she is a very very good dog, active, and I love Husky's, plus they look like Wolves, so since I can not have a wolf-hybrid dog, the Husky will do, I can't wait though, it'll be great, once I get my license (get my permit tomorrow YEY!!!!) But then I can take me and my dog up to the mountians (about 25min away) and we can go for walks, as Husky's love to run/walk, and it'll be cool, both of us hanging out in my Caddy.....she likes car rides, and is very content in the car, so that will be cool, just put a blanket on the front seat, and maybe she'll stay in the front :) I can't wait.... less then 2 weeks.....

....ahh well, I guess this is long enoguh already :)
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