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Has anyone thought about changing the heater output flow? to the upper vents.

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regarding the 93-96 fleets

Has anyone thought about or does anyone know how it would be possible to write the software the the Control module that decides to ONLY let the heater blow out through the feet?

I would prefer for it to be bi-level with it blowing out both hte bottom and through the vents.

i hate lately how my hands stay ice cold and the steering wheel is also ice colde for about 10-15 mins after i start up the car.

I have remote start but it's not always a good option and it takes a while for the upper part of the car to start to warm up at least too long for my taste.
I don't think it would be hard to do we just need someone with the equipment to do it by adjusting the settings the in the heater module so that the heat blows out fromt he vents as well so we get a more even heat distribution.

this is a really bad design cadillac made on these cars why the heck did they think chevy drivers from the same year would like having heat from the vents etc. but caddy drivers would prefer to be icecold from the waist up
Well this would be a good project and not too expensive either. Just reprogramming of the stock unit.
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heres a pic of a unit froma 96 roadmaster Look at the similarities betweent he 96 roadmaster and the 94 fleetwood units


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I bought my Caddy in July, so when the time came to use the heat for the first time I remember being pissed that I couldn't get heat out of the upper vents. Dammit!

Good thoughts, it would be nice to make some "tweaks" to the system even though all in all it is a nice system once you figure it all out.
My FW sits in the garage during the winter now so in reality I don't let the heat issue bother me too much.

Also good to note, I'm really happy that the vents are used for AC, otherwise it would be a helluva thing in the summer to have cool air only at your feet.

My guess is that the feet and upper vent areas use separate ductwork to get the heat/cool to where it neds to be. Heat only out of the feet and AC only out of the vents...... so programming may not be the endall simple solution. I dunno, never looked into it much.
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If anyone can figure out how to get the Fleetwood unit to use the dash outlets on demand, I would be glad to pay him something for the trouble.
This is the worst vent system I have ever seen.
If you just disconnect the vacuum hose off of the manifold on the right you get hot air to the dash vents.... I learned this the hard way when I swapped engines in my car and forgot to connect it... Heat form the floor doesn't bother me though. worse comes to worse I set it to defrost and put the fan speed to low...
I just want to know who can get the first '94+ Roadmaster climate control system in and working in the Fleetwood!:yup:

It's SO, SO much better, I can't even believe they bothered with the POS in the Caddy that has no adjustments whatsoever....well, unless you think Auto everything is better....:nono:
UPDATE: I just learned that the roadmasters have both a C67 or a C68 option for the climate control what the fleetwood most likely will need is the C68 because it has the self diagnostic feature as does the fleetwood.

im not sure if the c67 would still work but I'm goign to try the c68 when i get a chance

I'm hoping its just a different look that cadillac went for and possibly when they changed the console they saved money by not adding buttons etc. a simpler design if you will.

Hopefully the module is the same so it'll be compatible and work with the signals.

I'll know by next month when i get one or maybe sooner.

i know that there is a diff. betweent he 94-95 and 96 so they are not all interchangeable possibly because of the obd2 on the 96
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Time for a trip to your friendly GM dealer for part number checking!

It very well sounds like the same programmer, but different control head.
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