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Has Anyone Fixed A Trunk Lid Lock Cover?

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Has anyone ever fixed a trunk lid lock cover on a 87 seville that won't stay closed? It makes my ride look cheap. Ha, ha.
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Nobody has ever fixed one of those...

Sorry, I could not resist, good luck with it.
Are you referring to the motorized pull down type?

If so, try spraying it with wd40, soak it good.
It isn't the pull down it is the fany lock cover on the outside of trunk lid that stays open.
Sorry I do not recall ever working on one personally.

Anyone on here with knowledge about this?
Sounds like he's talking about the hinged crest that flips open to reveal the lock. Usually, the spring wears out and the lock won't automatically flip shut, or the pivot pin breaks off and the crest falls off.

Your best bet here is to find a NOS emblem (check ebay, as much as I hate to say that) or if you are in good with a dealer parts guy, have him search for stock on this. VPI (Vintage Parts Inc.) deals directly with GM dealers and has a large amount of NOS factory parts that GM sold off after they didn't feel the need to keep them in house.

Chances are your existing emblem is all faded out from sun exposure (on a 1987) anyway, so a new one would be a vast improvement. As far as fixing these emblems, you might be able to rig some kind of new spring, but if the pivot pin broke, you're outta luck. Either way, you'll have to remove the emblem from the car. This means drilling out the two rivets and removing the trunk lock. Not a major job but it is requires some tools and skill.

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So long as your interior power trunk release works, why not just use pliable adhesive silicone (ie RTV) to "glue" it into position? If you ever need to, it can still be opened. Not perfect, but certainly cheap and easy and accomplished your goal aesthetically.
Kdirk thanks for the info. I think I will go with your suggestion. TSS you have a good idea also, but I hate crawling in the ride and then open glove box to open trunk when I have a key, but if I can't find the part I will do what you suggested.
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