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Has anyone ever seen or dealt with this guy?...

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I would love to speak to the owner of this car and was wondering if he was or is a member of this forum.
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Yes, that's my page. I haven't updated it in years though!
Yes, that's my page. I haven't updated it in years though!
I found your page years ago and just came across it again last night. Anyway, what ever happened with your 79?...What was the final result of the project? I'm looking to beef up my 425...any suggestions?
I still have the '79. I've been doing a bit of body work to get it painted, and I've also installed a posi rear end with disc brakes. So because of this, I haven't driven it much.
As for your 425, it all depends on how much power you want, and how much you want to spend.
I already rebuilt the 425 to stock spec, but upgraded the crank to a stronger one. I had the Q-jet rebuilt by one of the best guys in my area, but also to stock spec. I'm not looking for monster hp/torque numbers like i imagine your cars putting out, but i'd like a 25% gain. Moneys not really an issue, I already put better than 12K into the car :helpless: so at this point...
A bigger cam, some head porting and maybe a bump in compression would do quite a bit!
Thanks...Is there anything I should to to the turbo 400 that you would reccommend? Also, are there any bolt on mods or fuel/spark delivery methods that would increase power?
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