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Happy Father's Day !!!

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Happy Father's Day to all you mothers...............:rolleyes:
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Called my Dad this evening and had a nice visit as always. I consider myself extremely fortunate that he's in excellent health at 72. I'm hoping he takes after his mother, who lived to 89.

Those of you who met my Dad when he came with me to the Des Moines meet in 2007 know how lucky I am.
Called Dad, talked about hardwood floors, cars, and power tools.
My Dad and I usually talk about cars and politics. Yesterday, it was just cars.
What's in your dad's fleet?
2007 Chevrolet HHR
1991 GMC Sonoma 5-speed
1994 Chevrolet S-10 automatic

The two trucks are for his courier route. The GMC has (I think over 300K miles on it, maybe close to 400). Not sure if it's the orignal engine (4.3 V6), but I know the transmission has been replaced at least once. The current transmission has been giving him some trouble, so he bought the S-10 as a replacement, but the gas mileage on that truck has been lousy, only in the high teens, even on the highway, which is most of his route between small towns in West Texas. So he may not keep the S-10.

The HHR is his non-work car. I was really surprised when he bought it, but he had it as a rental a couple of times when visiting his mother, and he liked the room and the gas mileage, much better than his previous '98 Blazer 2WD.

My Mom hates the HHR (I named it Henry). She thinks it looks stupid and isn't that comfortable, so when they take any kind of road trip, it's usually in her 2000 Buick Century. She's had three Buicks over the past 20 years, so in her case, the answer to the old ad slogan, "Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick?" is most definitely "yes."
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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