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I had to take a day trip trough the Santa Cruz Mtns. today. I was breezing along when this guy ran up on me and starts flashing his headlights ( I guess 70 in a 45 wasn't fast enough for him ) Anyway, The guy was driving a late '80s IROC. I had one of those and they handled great! I sped up a little and so did he. Then we got to the twisties and all of the sudden he's M.I.A. when we got to the straightaway, Here he comes going like hell We get to the turns, Same story again...I got to Santa Cruz and stopped for gas and here he comes into the station. We got to talking and he asked me what I did to make my car handle the turns so well:shocked: To make a long story short, He was trying to keep up with me and says he coudn't....I have a hard time believing that! Kill Story??? I guess... 'Cause He WAS trying! All that I've done to my suspension is to install the KYB passive struts and turn off the CCR system. I'll be the first one to tell you that doing that made the car handle MUCH better, Much flatter through the turns. BUT, An IROC?? I don't know guys....Maybe he wasn't so good a driver ( Or Maybe I'm GREAT! LOL! ) Whatever it was it was a lot of fun. C-Ya.....:D
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