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Gurgling and Boiling when shut down on hot days

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My 93 fleetwood has 200+ thousand miles on it. When I stop after short drive on hot day it sounds like it is boing and gurgling? I see no fluid loss under vehicle or anywhere. My reservoir fills normally when running and goes back to radiator when cooled. I took cap off and ran with heater on and it boiled up and over a little. I can see the fluid in radiator bubbling with cap off. The cap "looks ok"?? Am I in trouble? help!!:bigroll::bigroll::bigroll:
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Looking at the cap of "looks" ok...the spring seems to work and the fluid does go back and forth to the reservior but gradually over a 3-4 week span...the fluid is low again and I see no leak. The car does seem awfully hot when stopping sometimes. I wrote it off to real hot days running air!


What type of small leaks and where?
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