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guaging interest, armrest dvd/monitor

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ran across a brand new product from one of my suppliers and was seeing if there was any interest in it.
it would look nice to fill in the armrest area and give entertainment to the back seat (kids, friends whatever) with out the "STEAL ME" and ghetto fab look of headrests.

okay so its 7 inch tft monitor with a region free dvd built into it.
here is a pic:

it apparently clamps onto the middle of the armrest, honestly i would probably screw the mounts right into our armrest.
the monitor pivots left and right and up and down.
more specs:

Compatible with DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/CD-R/CD-RW/MP4/DIVX

Built in speaker

Color system: PAL/NTSC

Resolution: 1440x234

Full function remote control

AV inputs/outputs

FM audio output

It support USB interface, SD card

Installed at the central armrest of the car

The distance of install: 15.5cm ~ 21cm

fm audio output probably means either a built in transmitter (most likely) and at least a few ear phone jacks.

i can get them for about 220-250 with shipping (they are about 6 lbs a piece)

any interest

(and i am not selling really, this is at cost, no profit so i am not a "vendor")
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Those seem pretty ok. Can I hook PS2 up to it?
well it seems to have AV inputs, so i would guess yes.
Looks interesting, Does it sit up like that all the time, or does that stand rotate down?
okay, i just got this in my catalogue update so i dont have one on hand.

so far it seems the lower two arm things are the clamps to fasten to the sides of the middle console, I dont know how well that would work so i would probably screw them on or fasten them with something sticky.

the monitor can swivel left to right and can also pivot down.
oh cool, now i dont have to wait for the freaking monthly releases.

wait a sec..
the shipping on one of those is 50 bucks. then ship to someone else another 20-30

so. same price. oh well.
it may only fly well with those who have the grey interior -- others with black, like myself, or tan wouldnt really love the color combo
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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