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Hi there

Just a short introduction, as I'm new to the forum.
My name is Robert, I live in Italy and will be retiring and moving with my wife to Spain in a few months time.
I've just bought a 2008 Escalade, which is being prepared for next week.



Unfortunately as you'll notice in the images above, it does not have a nav.

For the audio part I'd like to install an interface, and there I stumbled on the one from Grom Audio.
The product promises well but they are kind'o vague about how to install, and the kit misses various accessories for a dash mount.
To connect it I'll have to remove a plug to make space for the interface, and it is not quite clear what I will lose.

My question is: any of you have experience with this particular interface.

If not, I'd appreciate any suggestion on how to get: hands free phone and usb-stick/mp3 audio in my car.

I don't ever listen to the radio ... only CD etc.

As you might know, the Cadillac Escalade is not directly sold (until this year) in Europe ... only imported (and mostly used).
I could therefore buy a complete radio with navigator, even unlocked, from the US of course ... but again, there is no qualified assistance here, and there is no one that is able to program the radio to the car.

This foolish Cadillac dealer in Italy even told me that I would not be able to use it in Europe, as it was configured for American satellites ...
According to my knowledge, Cadillac doesn't make any "special" radios for Europe and they do sell a DVD with European maps.
Hmmm maybe he doesn't know what the G in GPS stands for; however, this made me slightly loose my faith in Italian Cadillac dealers.

So, if anyone can help me out in some way it would be really appreciated.


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Hi i don't have experience with Grom on the Esky. I did try with mitsubishi and it was a nightmare. I used USA spec on my 07 ESV It worked flawlessly with ipod or USB. Truck has to have XM satellite tuner though, it was an easy install as well. Hardest part was where to mount the wire for ipod.

Lastly you could take a chance on ebay and order a nav unit many dealers will pre program to your vin so it's plug and play. However in your case you need to buy the antenna etc.

Good luck.

Escalade 2008
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Thanks hrpatel17926, after talking with the tech guy from Grom, I'm sure that it will work fine on my Escalade. It should also be rather easy to install. It will cost around $ 300 which includes the interface kit, Bluetooth hands-free and USB/Jack3.5 cable. Flush fit plugs have to be purchased separately ($ 25) ... if you don't want to have wires sticking out.

My quest for a refurbished Supernav has had a weird twist. I found these guys on ebay and decide to inform myself. The Supernav is advertised @ $ 899,00 including VIN Programming, mounting brackets, sat antenna and US DVD. Some other possible features are also offered. When I asked them for the unit including the European DVD ($ 159,00 sold by GM), this was the answer they gave me:

We do sell the European Escalade navigation radios for $1299.

Installation is very simple! Plug and play!

In Motion Kit and Camera are $350 extra.

-Tyhler : Sales Manager

Now my question is ... why the hell should I pay 400 bucks more??? My Escalade has nothing "European" (neither the car nor the nav was ever made for the Europe). All I needed was for them to replace the friggin' DVD ... sound like the usual rip-off.

Anyway, I've decide not to change anything for the time being; because installing the Supervav would not give me any benefit from where I'm at now. I do have a Garmin navigator on the dash as you can see in the image (looks awful, but works fine).


Even with the Supernav I would however need the Grom (or similar) interface for the features I'd like to add.
Therefore I will try how it will be with just cd's and dvd's, and maybe later I'll install it ... and the same goes for the Supernav.

And, thanks evois it sure will be fun cruisin' by the seaside in Spain :cool2:

... I will keep you guys updated.
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