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1990 Allante
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So, I buy this 1990 Allante cheap..............with the understanding I take responsibility for it passing smog.

Fails smog right out of the gate.

At the advice of the local Cadillac dealership I replace the catalytic help.

A return trip to the Cadillac dealership results in the replacement of both O2 help.

At the advice of a smog shop I replace the plugs, plug wires, rotor, distributor cap, and coil. Not only does this not help, the car develops a serious miss and begins to run terrible.

After searching a number of threads on this forum, I disassembled the throttle body and cleaned it throughly with GM Top Engine cleaner. I did not clean the EGR tubes because the 1990 Allante apparently doesn't have any. Car now runs worst than ever.

After contacting Bruce at FiveOMotorsports, I decided to replace the stock fuel injectors (part number 17112102) with Bosch (part number 0280150917). Theses fuel injectors are listed for use in GM V-6 3.8L engines. My car now runs incredible, smooth as silk, and very powerful.................I like it!

For the past two days I have watching my Map, Cross Counts, O2 Sensor Voltage, Integrator, and Block/Learn values under a wide variety of driving conditions. They all seem to be in line with the numbers outlined by NODIH in numerous threads throughout this forum. Thanks Tom, your posts have been a great help to me in understanding GM fuel injection and fixing my car.

I should probably include that this car (180,000 miles) had sat in a garage for some period of time, before I began this repair odyssey. If it seems like I took a shotgun approach to parts replacement..............I'm pretty sure they needed it.

My plan is run several cans of guaranteed to pass (A Carbon Deposit Cleaner?) through several tanks of gas before reattempting the smog Test!

As always any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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