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Groaning?? Brakes

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Hey all have a problem here. I had a shop do the front and rear brakes for me about a month and a half ago. They Resurfaced the rotors, and put new pads on, up until last week they were great, but now, after coming to a complete stop, or even when stopping as I apply pressure I can hear a groaning sound coming from the fronts, imagine a squeeky shock on an old vehicle or something and that is what it sounds like. No it is not a screeching sound like the pads, or anything. My guess is that the pistons in the calipers may need to be greased up and this will solve the problem. The brakes work perfect, smooth, and do not heat up badly at all. They were broken in properly etc. Like I said its just a groaning sound as I am applying pressure to the brake pedal. Any Ideas? Does my theory sound correct? I am going to take it in to Cadillac this week as I am still under warranty but they shouldnt make a big deal that I had the brakes done at another shop right?
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Yea at the dealer I Was quoted about $600 per pair, so total it comes out to about $1200!!!!! That doesnt even include new rotors! Just resurfacing! I found a shop that resurfaced the rotors and did brake pads for $260 out the door. Not a bad deal. ALSO just for information sake I talked to Caddy today and they said its the Calipers going out on my vehicle making the noise, so they are in the process of putting new ones on right now, and ill have my vehicle back tomorrow!! Gotta love that warranty!! lol :worship:
Update, so I will be going to pick my car up in about 20 minutes, and the problem is unresolved. Apparently the brake pads are causing the issue. I guess, what is happening is that when the caliper releases as you release the brake pedal, it causes the pads to release as well, therefore leaving a gap that allows for the squeeking noise to happen. I asked if this was normal, because to me it seems like a case of the calipers being out of tune in that they should not release that much? Anyone else have an opinion? Im going to have them looked at this weekend by the guy that did the initial brake pad job. Hopefully this can be resolved by just swapping in a new set of pads..... ill keep everyone posted.
ahhhh, could be a good idea. Thanks man ill give it a try!!
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