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Grill Cut out

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I have been thinking about changing my front grille. Mine has some cracks in the coating. Anyway, while doing some research, I notice that some get attached to the original. Others suggest cutting out the old grille and attaching the new one in its place.
Has anyone here cut theirs out...was in somewhat of an easy task??
Shed some light....???
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ya just did mine today. not bad but do yourself a favor, get a rotozip and dont try to be too anal about making a perfect cut, you can get close then with a palm sander and 60-80grit paper you can get them perfect. thats the only semi-hard part, the removal and install is a breeze. and i think its well worth the extra effort. those bolt over grilles are easy but look they look it too. imo
I agree about the bolt on's.
How long did it take start to finish?:hmm:
I think the overlays with the factory grill still visible behind them are :ack:. YMMV
Hey Oldworld, If you want instructions with pictures on how to cut your factory grill, Here yah go!
it took me about 1 1/2hrs, but thats cuz i sat on the couch debating on cuttin up that pretty factory grill(LOL). all in all its pretty straight forward, and should take any longer than an hour. ya them bolt overs are crap, but their easy...
Thanks for the info and instructions...much appreciated. NOW, and ideas on grills that I don't need a 2nd mortgage for?? lol
lol..get the T-rex mesh grill! go on ebay, look em up..they make asanti grills..they go for 3 bills..or you can check out putco liquid mesh grill..they look like strut grill at a fraction ot the price!! if you dont mind spending a lil bit over $700 then check out E&G grills...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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