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Hi all
I have a '92 Deville in good shape. Up here it gets freeking cold in the winter and was wondering what others may do to warm their "butt" so to speak. I looked into aftermarket heated seats but not sure I want to add more electrical components to a 15 year old car. The cost for front seats would be between $500- $600 (and I an not a DIY kinda guy with electrical - c'ept for computers ) so not too bad just like I said with my digital dash and the other electrical units not sure I want to add to what will eventually fail or cause my Dash to blank out (ithe dahs has blanked out a couple of times then mysterioulsy came back after I randomly stated pushing buttons on the heater control panel this has me somewhat concerned).
Not that keen on seat covers either as I like the leather look. I was wondering about those units that plug into a lighter anybody have them ? My current method includes a 15 minute warm up - pretty sure that is not the best method <haha>
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