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Great product! Great service!

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All right guys, I know...I'd be lame if we all posted every mod and accessory that we installed on our cars, so I'm not going to attempt to do so. BUT rather, I'm posting this in support of our supporting vendors. We all know that great service is hard to come by these days (very unfortunate) but true. So when someone goes above and beyond the call of duty, I feel the need to give recognition.

To make a long story short, I just received my floormats from Rich over at Car Motorsports. When I first called, I was under the impression that I wanted black floor mats for my black V (made sense to me). Well, that wasn't the case, Rich informed me that the ebony interior is not in fact 'black' but rather a charcoal color (when he could of easily said 'ok' and sent them to me). Instead, he recommended that he send me out samples of 3 different shades of black and gray. I received them in the mail in more than a reasonable amount of time...and yes, thankfully he sent them because, black was not the color that I wanted (I went with charcoal). Anyhow, I called him back, placed the order and recieved it in about a weeks time. The quality of the product is excellent and I couldn't be happier!

So if you're considering floor mats, just know - Rich at Car Motorsports, comes highly recommended! :cheers:
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They are my next "mod". I will be buying from them as a result of your experiences!

I would post some pics...but I'm sure you all know what a good set of floor mats look like. me....great products....great service.......!!!!
I have 'em, I love 'em. And the customer service was first rate!:thumbsup:

Rut row, I sure hope my black ones look ok...(I got them from another dealer)
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