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2006 Cadillac CTS
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I recently bought a Boss HIR7U 7" headreat monitor for my CTS. I have tan interior so it was actually a HIR7UTA. I purchased it from Office Depot. They don't have it in the store but if you buy it in the store it will get shipped to your house for free.

PRICE - $72.99 plus tax

As you can see the tan color matches perfectly. The only slight difference is the texture of the headrest (since it is fake leather). But I'm really splitting hairs.

Car seat cover Vehicle Car Car seat Head restraint
Head restraint Vehicle Car Electronics Car seat


1. Remove the existing headrest - Press the button and raise the headrest as far as possible. Then use a paperclip and press it in the tiny hole at the base of the inside post and the headrest will pull out the rest of the way.

2. Removing the seat back - Grasp the top of the plastic back of the seat and pull. Don't worry it will pop out. Don't try to fish the wires through there is too much crap in the way. Just take off the seat back.

3. Wiring - Feed the cable through the hole and snap the headrest into place. Run the cable through the seat and out the bottom where a couple of other wire bundles come out. Run the cable under the seat toward the front and splice it into the wires following the image below. Unplug the black connectors and splice the black headrest wire into the black with a white stripe wire. Spice the red headrest wire with the yellow wire.

(Note - there will only be power when the car is on but as we know when you shut of your car it doesn't turn off power until you open the door.)

Wire Electrical wiring Cable management Cable Electrical supply


I didn't hook the rca cables to anything under the seat I just hooked up the power and ground. I just use the SD slot in the front of the monitor. It's easy and doesn't stick out like the usb connector.

THE MONITOR DOES NOT PLAY EVERY VIDEO FORMAT. In fact even though it says MP4 on the box it can only play M4V (which is still technically an MP4 so that is how they get away with saying it) No matter since it plays AVI files just fine and you can use a converter to turn whatever you have into an AVI. It also plays MP3s and you can view pictures too.

WARNING - The headrest does NOT have speakers built into it (Even though there are 2 speaker looking slits at the bottom). You can use headphones just fine but if you don't want to see wires you will need to purchase the Boss HP12 IR Wireless Headphones. This is what I did because they were only $18 (again at Office Depot with free shipping to your house) so we are still under the $100 total.

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