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Machines will make criminal of every driver
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DRIVERS were reeling last night at Government plans to put a computerised spy in EVERY car. The hi-tech gadgets will record each time a motorist DRIFTS over a speed limit, WANDERS into a bus lane or even STOPS on a yellow line. And it means the Government will hit Britain’s hard-pressed motorists with even more fines — and bring extra millions flooding into the Treasury. The proposed scheme is guaranteed to cause outrage among Britain’s 38million drivers. Last night Tory Shadow Trade Secretary Tim Yeo said the implications of the plan were nightmarish — adding: “It risks turning every motorist, however safe a driver, into a criminal. It is far too draconian.”
The Big Brother-style system, called Electronic Vehicle Identification, is outlined in an 85-page dossier. It was drawn up by the Association of Chief Police Officers on the orders of Transport Secretary Alistair Darling.​
The scheme would force car makers to fit the microchip in all new vehicles. Older cars would have them added during an MOT. Sensors installed at the side of every road will then pick up signals from the chip, pinpointing the car’s exact position. Each sensor would be programmed with the road’s speed, parking and general driving restrictions — and will record each car that breaks them. The Government claims the microchip will allow them to make roads safer and cut crime.

Car registration and MOT details would be carried on every chip, making stolen or uninsured vehicles simpler to trace.​
And police reckon terror suspects and criminals could also be targeted more effectively. But the AA’s Bert Morris warned: “There could be a hidden agenda at work here. “You can expect the Government to trumpet the benefits of this and downplay the downside.
“But law-abiding public could be hit with serious fines, while real criminals like car thieves find a way of avoiding detection.​

“Everybody wants stolen and uninsured cars tracked, but this technology could also lead to an invasion of privacy.​
“We have to ask ourselves if the gain is worth the pain.” Civil rights organisations are also deeply concerned. A spokesman for the group Liberty said: “This sets a very dangerous precedent. “The entire driving population is going to be turned into criminal suspects. “It’s disturbing to think the Government would be able to track people’s movements around the clock.”
The spokesman added: “This is going to be a back door method of raising cash for Government coffers through fines.”​
If the plan is approved by the Government it could become law by 2007. And even if they decide to drop the idea, talks are already under way in Brussels that could see a similar system imposed on us by the EU. The Department of Transport said the technical, financial and civil liberty issues surrounding the scheme were being examined. A spokeswoman added: “We are looking at the feasibility of this at the moment.” The Government plan will be seen as the latest offensive in an all-out war on British motorists. There are more than 4,500 speed cameras on our roads. They nail a million drivers annually, clocking up fines of more than £66million. London’s hated congestion charge is expected to rake in a further £65million in its first 12 months. The charge is expected to be extended to other cities and towns in the near future. The Government also plans to hit drivers with a £35 surcharge on speeding and parking fines. The extra penalty has been proposed by Home Secretary David Blunkett to raise millions for victims of crime. The EVI chip feasibility study was written by Superintendent Jim Hammond, who is head of Sussex traffic police. He admits in the document that the proposals will spark “Big Brother concerns.” Previously, Supt Hammond has worked to develop trial drug tests for motorists. He also led a huge speeding crackdown in his patch.
Mr Yeo added: “This would be a spy harassing every driver. It’s time the Government laid off motorists.”​

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The first mod would to make this "spy" deaf blind and dumb.

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It would be fairly simple to " Smash it to peices with a hammer " too! The Liberals here will try it if they get the chance!
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