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2015 CTS V-sport; 2013 ATS 2.0 awd
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Two weeks ago I reported here how my V-sport's differential self-destructed, almost destroying me in the process. While my 70K mile powertrain warranty apparently entitles me to a new differential, there are apparently no differentials to be had for love nor money at this point in time. Nor will my dealer give me an estimate of how long it will take to get a differential. Now, my dealer has been great to work with to date, especially considering that I bought this car from another dealer in a distant city. So I trust that my dealer's parts manager is telling me the truth when he tells me that the GM Parts computer system is in utter disarray; that GM Parts won't let him order the part until they get the system working, hopefully(!) in a week or so, and even then will not give any kind of estimate as to how long this part will be on back order. Indeed, the dealer has some Cadillac parts (other than differentials, and other than V-Sports) on back order since APRIL.

What use is a 70K mile powertrain warranty, when the powertrain parts aren't available?

First the CUE fiasco, And now, this. Without doubt, this is my last GM car.

"Government Motors", indeed.
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