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got to the track

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I ran 14.6 at 95.3 mph in the quarter. This is all stock with traction controll on and in OD. Only got one run in though, it was so packed. Next time, i'm gonna dissable the Traction Control (prolly disconect that sensor on the brake hub) and run in 3.
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Bob Rich said:
Why would disabling traction control improve ET on a car with an open differential?
Because when the traction controll kicks on, it applies the brakes and disables up to 4 fuel injectors(according to the manual). And since i would expect only minor wheel spin, it would be more beneficial to turn it off.

That run was with just a K&N drop in filter, completely stock other then that.
Allante North * said:
Nice run! Try using about 1/4-1/2 tank fuel. Disable TC and launch in 2nd for firmer shifts. I usually launch in 1st, but 2nd seems to give firmer 1-2 shift. You may also want to try to adjust air pressure in your front tires.

I think you may be near the coast and I hope the air was good.

Good Luck
So I'll have to shift into 3rd manually?
No i don't, thats why was going to do it next time. Just to see if theres a differnece. I did here a "thump" right when i launched, could that have been the TC?
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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