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CTS-VPaco said:
Damn, best of luck, bro. I mean, 115's pretty easy to do. There's a town nearby (about 60 or 70miles away) that me and some friends go to for a good time. 115's cruising speed since it's a turnpike which has little traffic at the times we travel it.

This car is so stable at speed, it's very deceiving. I've even seen 163mph in my V. It was about 5 minutes of highspeed driving and I look back now how bad I could've got in trouble. I think I would've had to shoot my way out of it.

Proof of someone's stupidity, just like mine.
DAMN you did above 150 for quiet a while, and at night. Good thing nothing happened, you were just asking to get in trouble for that one.
81 - 81 of 81 Posts