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1996 Eldorado
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With the engine & trans. still under the hood, it is difficult if not unreasonable to properly torque the lower X-over bolts with out attachments & complex formulas to calculate the TQ wrench values after the geometry has been changed.

Sometimes you need to go with what you got keeping in mind that OVER TIGHTENING IS THE ENEMY and these blocks may have a pre-exisitng thread integrity issue. If you error you want to error on it being too loose.

When I did the X-over I just did my best to snug up the lower bolts equally by feel. The method used for head bolts & mains would be best in this predicament being able to snug it and turn the bolt a pre- determined degree angle. Thse bolts where origially installed this a thread sealer that would aid in holding the bolt in.

you can see the thread sealer on the OEM lower bolts. The gaskets have steel limiters molded in so you can't tighten unequally or over crush the new gaskets.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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