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97 ETC
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As i remember on my 97 ETC its a pain but I did pull my harness up and out of the way,the one thing at that time was i had the OEM air box removed from car and the PCM held into place with large wire ties so it was easy to cut those and this gave me a bit of slack to pull on it.. I hope we are talking about the same things here. Now I didnt tourqe the bolts as I didnt have my tool box with me at that time because i was out of town .I did also do the W/P and the updated cover/t-housing...

I would never tell anyone not to tourqe as its more important with all aluminum engines then cast iron bolt o n components but if you have tourqed as many components as I have in my life i have a good feel for what things feel like and with what length rachet...

Good luck and keep us posted how it goes,sorry if I wasnt much help...
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