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ok.. so i have had my EXT for a year now.. its an 06.. i have like 4500 miles on it.. anyway here is some issues..

1) 2 days ago the XM radio was no where to be found.. I clicked the band button and it just kept going AM - FM 1 - FM 2 and just kept going in that circle everytime i hit it.. so im like what the hell.. so yesterday i start the truck and XM is back.. so im like ok.. now today is where the stuff happens.. i get my truck washed and they pull it out and have it on CDX or whatever its goes on to play the aftermarket DVD player through the Pac Aux input.. all im getting in crackling so i turn it off and go to CD.. everything sounds fine.. i go to radio everything sounds fine.. i switch to XM and everything is fine but then crackling and then the speakers go low where there is like no sound and just crackling.. then sounds comes back up wiht loud crackling and then low then loud, etc.. any idea what this could be??

2) The second thing i noticed which i think might have something to do with what happened above is that when i got in my truck i noticed 2 lines of soap on my carpet as if there was something leaking.. i figure maybe the guy jumped in the truck but then i lift the hard piece of carpet (check pic below) and there is soap up there.. now nothing was soaked but there was no 2 lines of soap/water and i noticed my pac unit had 2 drips of water on it.. any ideas on how that got there? i had my AC on and cranked on high.. but i dont think that would have brought soapy water inside the cap like that.. if anyone has any ideas id appreciate them..

here is a pic of where the soap was and the piece it was under... ill try and get a better pic.. i thought i had one of the carpet area but this give you the idea.. anyone with an 02-06 should know what im talking about.. the part where there is tan carpet but it hard.. between the floor and console.. anyway.. in the pic the arrow on the bottom is where the soap was and the arrow on top is where the 2 droplets were..
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