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Hey i went to the junkyard today and it was a deal where it was $50 anything you could carry out. So i brought a huge plastic tote and went caddy crazy, getting alot of stuff for my car, but took some things i have 2 of and ore dont really need.

This is teh list of stuff i have, i will put it all on ebay, but figure id offer it to you guys first.
86 Fleetwood Brougham owners Manual (just the manual, i took the leather case for my car)

Complete set of 4 stainless door edge guards for a RWD Cadillac (got 2 sets, one for my 90 Brougham, and just grabed an extra set)

A set of 2 1990-92 Caddy Brougham Euro Tail lights (was going to keep them as spares, since i know once i sell them ill get rear ened, but figured id see what i could get)

Things i got for myself (not for sale)
3 wire hubcaps (2 for spares, 1 for my continental kit)
4 Center caps
Cadillac trunk mat (one with the logo)
set of 4 splash guards (caddy script on them)
set of 4 stainless door edge guards
set of 4 stainless window vent shades and clips
trunk gaskets seal (mint)
trunk pull down (looks new)
Pull down cover
power antenna
some mics. emblems
Fleetwood brougham trunk trim for my Brougham
thats just to mention a few things. I got so much i cant remeber it all

Also got a rear bumper cover and spoiler from a Taurus SHO, for my buddies regualar Taurus.

Was Def. worth it.

Let me know if anyone is intrested before i Ebay it tomorrow.
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