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Got some chrome wheels to put on ebay

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I got these wheels with intentions to put on my 90 Brougham. (obviously before i put my wires on :thumbsup: ) Now that i have my wire wheels i dont see myself ever using them. They are off a wrecked 96 Brougham, the car had under 100K miles before it got its shit pushed in.. I got the wheels off the owner before she went to the junk yard.
All 4 93-96 Factory Chrome wheels, all 4 chrome center caps. The tires are like new 235's by Yokohoma, white walls. Tires have less then a years worth of wear on them before the car was deemed a total loss.

Anyways... im going to put them on ebay after i get them cleaned up nice, if anyones intrested?

I was wondering what i should try to get for them. I realy dont know the true value of them, thats where i hope you guys can direct me. Ill put them on at no reserve, but want to know the value incase i give em away on ebay.

Ill have better pictures for ebay after they are cleaned.

:highfive: Thanks for the help guys...

I can dis mount the tires too if any one here is intreted.. But they will hit ebay
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I sold a set of 5 in January, without tires, but I honestly don't remember what they went for. After listing them, I got a constant stream of emails from people who just wanted to buy them, but the bidding kept getting sweeter, so I left them. And after they were sold, I still have a few people who contacted me who wanted a set if I ever had another.

You'd be surprised what they end up going for, especially when you emphasize how rare and hard to get they are (particularly as a full set, even without tires). I ended up with several hundred, if I recall.

Figure at least about $200 or so a piece, as they are with tires, and you'd probably be close. All depends on what current interest and demand there are for them.

I STILL wish I had put these on my car, even though I ended up liking the SS wheel look better, or at least on the '93. A few don't like the chrome, but they just look so much more stunning with the chrome lowers than the basic machined versions do.
I sold the chrome set with tires that I had for $850 on eBay :thumbsup:
Hey 1990 Brougham, I want your wheels and tires.
Please call or email me.


540 949 8453 work phone and fax
this is the second set of chrome wheels that pass me by. i'm dying to put these on my 93 but simply can't afford them. i'll check in when i get a good paycheck and see if they're still around!
Well here they are, on ebay. I just listed them for 10 days. Anyone can afford them, as its a 9.99 starting bid, wiht NO RESERVE!!!
Hmmm??/ I bought a nice - no scratches Fleetwood Chrome wheel for $100 from the nearby "auto recycling yard" :thumbsup:

I wanted my full size spare to be a chromie like the rest of my wheels.
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