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Got one!!

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I Found a garaged 06 STS V in Raven Black. Turned 100K on my 1,100mi drive in the rain home. Nothing like driving a caddie in the rain! :)
The car runs and drives strong but it is not perfect. I was aware that I'm looking at just under 2k for valve covers and the 4 cam actuaries? (located on the front of the motor) that are leaking. This leak looks pretty common for this motor. I sure am open to recommendations / advice about this repair.

Tires: Fortunately I'm not going to need till the fall but I have Continental Extreme Contact on the car now and they ride like crap to me. I see that Bridgestone Turanza rate for a better ride. Tire suggestions pleases.

Clock / GPS: Is getting this stuff to work pretty much hopeless?
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Congrats and good luck! Mine has 104k and just got a new differential bushing. I live in the Sierra foothills and bought these tires. Love them. So far, no leaks of any kind on my motor. Recent alternator, battery and belts though. Clock is still working.
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