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Got one!!

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I Found a garaged 06 STS V in Raven Black. Turned 100K on my 1,100mi drive in the rain home. Nothing like driving a caddie in the rain! :)
The car runs and drives strong but it is not perfect. I was aware that I'm looking at just under 2k for valve covers and the 4 cam actuaries? (located on the front of the motor) that are leaking. This leak looks pretty common for this motor. I sure am open to recommendations / advice about this repair.

Tires: Fortunately I'm not going to need till the fall but I have Continental Extreme Contact on the car now and they ride like crap to me. I see that Bridgestone Turanza rate for a better ride. Tire suggestions pleases.

Clock / GPS: Is getting this stuff to work pretty much hopeless?
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Continental Extreme Contacts (both DWS all-seasons and DW summers), are generally one of the best out there for the price. I fought getting them because I hated the tread pattern, but now every vehicle I have, has them or has had them, or some variant of them and they're all whisper quiet.
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