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Got new front tires, and now....

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She's pulling hard to left, and wabbling at highway speeds..What does this tell us? :hmm:
What shall I bitch about when I call 'procare' back today? She (my car) never did any of this before they put new tires on it?

What could have gone wrong?

Any help, ideas, I really, really appreciate..

kdw :)
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When I replaced the tires on my '97 Deville, it developed a pull to the left. Found out it needed an alignment. Some tires may be more sensative to it than others.

Wobble is another thing. That might be a bad tire.
Ranger, you are the best.........:)

So, when it read "balance included' in the invoice, that's bs, right?

It's a VERY SAFE assumption that they did NOT do this, right?

slight rumble/ hand and sleeve jiggle while holding wheel. She was fine friday, before 2 brand new tires.
I've bought new tires myself only to have the car ride like crap afterwards. Turns out the tires were infat defective.
Ok, very good
I called the jokers back, told what's happening, he says:

bring her in, we'll look and try to remedy, then 'go from there'.....anything more is on them, I must insist.....:rant2: .

So, the brand new tires could be defective, eh?

I'll update when I get answer myself.

Thanks to all who played.:bouncy:

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Bad balance job or could be defective tire... Find out what machine they are using for balance... I just bought a new set of tires for my STS! Go to a tire place that uses the HUNTER GSP9700 machine to balance tires. My STS is riding on Hankook Ventus ST's High Performance tire. Balanced to perfection by my tire guys on the HUNTER machine. The best part about this machine is that it "Load Balances" the tire. Meaning, the tire gets balanced with pressure/load on it. The machine emulates road pressue on the tire/wheel so you get a perfect balance. My car rides like its on rails!!! If your tire guys are not using this machine, go somewhere that is to have it done right... I know you paid to have it done by these guys, but I'd rather goto somebody who knows WTF they are doing!!!!!
Nice...I'm sure the boys will dig that....hahahah, but I will do it.

I had no choice where I took her.........they are right accross the street, and my tire was nearing the I limped her over there.


will see...........kdw :)
"we'll go from there" I love that fricken remark from service shops. "shove it, and fix it!" is what goes through my mind.
the man there told me: "I don't know how, but it got outta line somehow, sorry for the inconvenience, and have a nice day".

Also, they DO use the 'hunter' electronic balancer...I asked.

So, I guess she's fixed, I'll know for sure once I get her on the highway, at speed.

Thanks to all who replied w/ their ideas....I count on ya'll for my 'good information'....sound like I know what I'm talking about.

kdw :):thepan:
97cherry said:
the man there told me: "I don't know how, but it got outta line somehow, sorry for the inconvenience, and have a nice day".

Also, they DO use the 'hunter' electronic balancer...I asked.
kdw :):thepan:

One out of three times when I buy new tires, the tire balancing was not done correctly. A couple of times one of the wheels threw a weight or a weight shifted around the rim. These were minor issues that were corrected with re-balancing.

If it's pulling *hard* one way or another, sounds like an alignment problem.
97 cherry, Dog the Sh%t out of them, and hard to! If all else fails have a friend call them representing a TV station or a news paper and reference you and your problem and they are checking to be sure the address is right as well as the owners name, but they have to wait until they hear back from the tire manufacture and the balancer manufacture. Gives you one more time for them to put on a new set of tires, he he he. Hey, it works!
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