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Got my V back from the shop today, still lovin' it.

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'06 with 22k miles and first time I've had any warranty work done.

Fixed rear end leak.

Replaced Nav radio (pealing button and intermittent XM cut out problem)

Fixed ground on the AC compressor.

Normally this is where the bashing Caddy and GM starts but I'm just as happy with my car as the day I drove it off the lot.

I'll also say that Wagner Caddy in Tyler TX did a wonderful job. 24 hours after dropping it off I got the call to come pick it up.
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Great to hear you have a good dealership there close to home S.D. :thumbsup:
Me too, I'm headed to Dallas tomorrow and was going to drop it off at Sewell but decided to give the local yokals a shot.

Work out well (this time).
I went in two weeks ago for the same AC issue and rear-end leak. Of course I didn't get mine back for 3 days, but they took care of it. I still smile every time I get in mine.
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