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Got the tubular crossmember on. I got it from Dan at Clear Image Automotive. It had to be modified to fit the caddy though. I had to have it extended an inch and a half so it'd reach the tranny mount. My exhaust hits on the passenger side now, but that's due to a cheezy Meineke H-pipe. I'll get that fixed soon. Other than that length issue (which is Cadillac specific), it is a quality piece. I figured others may benefit from the pics though. And maybe Dan could let the vendor know it won't work on a caddy....

Here's a comparison of the stock crossmember modified by Mike and Jon (customed signed and all):

Here's a few pics of the mods... Go ahead and laugh. My friend is learning to weld. It may not be pretty, but it should be plenty strong:

Here's a couple installed: (Notice the poly tranny mount)

Thanks to Rob for the help with the install.

The shifter moves around a hell of a lot less now, and the driveshaft yoke no longer hits the crossmember on a hard launch, which IMHO is a good thing.
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