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Got my ELR last night!!! CUE differences

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My car got here from Ohio last night! I will say right off that most pictures of these cars do not do it justice nor render the lines correctly, especially straight on, or shots of the back. I think I was most immediately taken back by how much better the car actually looks in person, and especially from the back. The car is also smaller than I remembered in my very quick test drive that I did in Olympia - it really is a pretty small car. It came in better condition than I had hoped for, very nice for 37K miles on it - obviously the detailers did great work. The only thing I see right now that doesn't work properly is the rain sense wipers - very spotty and just kinda take a swipe whenever it feels like it even when it's raining pretty well... oh well I guess I'll be checking out the CPO warranty soon!

The biggest noticeable difference right now that I see from having our 2014 SRX is the ELR 2016 CUE system is truly 1000 times better. It was spotty and hard to get my finger to work on the 2014 and never knew where to place my finger. The ELR CUE system works great on mine - no complaints. Navigation screen looks great and very cool that it will change to the the 45* aspect mode just by touching the top direction ball, and toggles between the views. Love it. I also really love the fact that the screen goes big until you reach to zoom in and then the zoom buttons appear - very nice. My finger seems to work great with this updated CUE system so no problems anymore...yah! Hard to believe that one cannot update the CUE system on 2014 models? maybe you can but did read that here yet.

Can't wait to get some weathertech mats for it as it's raining here and I have carpet under my feet - argh!!! I played with the 4 different screen modes- curious to what screen modes people like. I like the classic "enhanced" screen.

Really liking the fact that I know I'll probably never see another ELR in my neck of the woods here! :yup:
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It sounds like you dug into the settings already but I believe the rainsense wiper function can be toggled on and off in the menu so maybe you have it off? Just a thought.
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